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Full stack Developer
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I am a Full Stack developer from Kolkata, India.
I have 1+ year experience in web developement and have made several projects
I like to build projects and learn by doing
I do competitive programming for fun
To enjoy i listen DHH and "Kohli goes down the ground, Kohli goes out of the ground" on loop
Impatient, suffering from Rohtacism, Overthinking and Spine Issues(Average Coder)
Part Time Memer
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Google Summer of Code 2024

I am contributing to Zulip codebase helping them migrating their codebase from JavaScript to TypeScript. My work includes refactoring bad code, rewriting code at multiple instance, fixing node test and doing a clean migration.

May 2024 - Present


  • One stop PetCare and Rehome Solution
  • Stored Vector Embedding of 3 Pet related PDFs and used RAG technique to improve Gemini LLMs responses for a Petcare chatbot.
  • A full stack Social Media Website to share memes
  • Implemented a microservice for OTP verification on signup
  • A Mental health chatbot that give suggestions and analyse your mental health
  • Implemented WebSockets For Real Time Communication
  • A website to report ragging Incidents.
  • Dedicated Teacher’s and Students Portal for Addressing Incidents

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I write blogs here
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hi, drop a mail at afeefud2004din@gmail.com or reach out here
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